Sales Masterclass and other courses

Sales Without Selling Your Soul – this day long course is designed for those that may not have ‘sales’ in their job title.     It takes away the mystique of sales and gives delegates a framework and action plan to develop business.  What results can you expect?     An increase in enthusiasm for making sales which is the cornerstone of any business.

Sales Without Selling Your Soul Masterclass – a six month course that simplifies your selling process, gives you motivation and resolves all those niggling doubts and questions you may have regarding selling.     Suitable for anyone that finds sales a bit scary!

You’ll work in a small group of six people and each month has a module you can use immediately to improve your sales success.   You’ll need to set aside three hours per month to attend the course, plus some work to do ‘outside hours’.    Sales is a process and at the end of the six months you will feel confident and happy with your new skills.

I should add, we’ll have a great laugh during the process and you will learn from each other as well as from the course content.

If this doesn’t fit the bill, take a look at the selection below:

Sales for Sales Professionals – a course tailored to suit your team, honing existing skills to achieve excellence.   Suitable for business owners, sales people and account managers

Entrepreneurial Thinking – opportunities are all round us.  Change your thinking to seek out new ventures and add extra success and income stream.   Suitable for all.

Sales & Technology –  this course covers simple ways of making technology work for you.  Most suited to small businesses.

Generating leads – if you haven’t got customers you haven’t got a business!

Short on time to come on a course?   Email for details of our on-line sales programme customised to suit your style.

Don’t want formal training but would like to energise your team?     We can run a facilitation session that will draw out the answers from your team, immediately gaining buy in to concepts and future plans.


Deborah delivering a sales session for Evolve NLP